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Located in Lai zhou, a beautiful city in Shandong Province,Laizhou Huayu Zhongxin Test Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional company devoted to research, development, manufacturering and sales of metal and nonmetal durometers. As one of the few bases that set foot in the targeted research, development and manufacturering of durometers in the early days in China, it hs been into this field for more than 60 years. It produces over 10,000 durometers covering 9 series and more than 50 varieties and specifications, more than 100,000 hardness test blocks of different standards, matalloscope of more than 100 and dozens of universal, torsion and impact test machines. The products are popular all over China, often seen in the big companies and research institutes and are sold to more than 70 countries and regions in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The company ethic of conduct” Building a Gloden Brand through meticulosity” is interiorized in the employees.……

Inherit excellent quality tradition

The company is committed to where my company operating the quality of the products are up to the relevant national industry standards of product quality according to the country, "product quality law" three bags a year (individual 2-3 years), life-long service. Instrument quality from the date of acceptance of the user within 365 days, such as the emergence of non-human factors can not be ruled out by the failure of the company to be replaced by the whole.

Quality and integrity management

Find quality problems, make effective complaints. Such as calls, fax a written, login our website or letter service received complaints 1 working days electric letter make reply we will arrange to have the experience of the technical staff, the spirit of a serious and responsible attitude in a timely manner to quality problems are solved effectively.

Concerned about the vital interests

At a reasonable price, the best quality service is the fundamental. Follow the same price, same price than quality price is not lower quality principle. In the integrity of business philosophy, the quality of equipment from the date of acceptance of the user within one year, non-human factors caused by quality problems, the company is responsible for free repair after the company's commitment to the maintenance of the company's

"Taking customer as the center"

Pursue the goal of sustainable development, and build it on the basis of customer satisfaction.

In equipment delivered to the user, we will often and user communication to understand the equipment use, when the user devices are used on the difficult, equipment fault, we will arrange our sales staff or technical staff to contact you.

Method of using a hardness tester

 First need to install the test bench and the pressure head of the hardness tester, and the head part of the equipment need to use acid free gasoline to clean, so as to prevent rust, in the process of cleaning……

Operating procedures for digital display of the hardness tester

Digital display is mainly used for cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and soft alloys and other materials hardness measurement, in metallurgy, forging, non ……